We have one of the widest varieties of sterling silver jewelry found anywhere. Our selection of
silver is top quality at excellent prices. People often ask why our prices are so low. The answer is
to keep you coming back for more.
Our quality jewelry supplies are competitively priced and proven to sell. Sterling silver jewelry
has an excellent price point, and more style and design variation than jewelry made of any other
precious metal.
The Greek Key carefully selects a wide variety of silver jewelry designs to appeal to diverse
customer tastes.

At The Greek Key we take the time to select the most beautiful gemstone rings and earrings with
the strongest appeal. We also work closely with our customers to make sure we sell them the
most popular and fashionable sterling silver products at great prices.

Why Buy Silver Jewelry From Us?

With years of experience as a direct importer of .925 sterling silver jewelry, The Greek Key
works with the most skilled sterling silver artisans and metalsmiths around the world. We then
leverage these business relationships in order to supply you with the most unique sterling silver
fashions at the most reasonable prices available; giving you a significant edge.

We guarantee that every piece of silver jewelry that we supply meets or exceeds the industry
standards for sterling silver purity. The Greek Key's quality control standards require that all
manufacturers' products are routinely submitted to assay-testing for solid, consistent .925
sterling silver purity. We supply a variety of natural gemstones which include Amethyst, Garnet,
Peridot, Amber, Turquoise, etc. along with the finest grade cubic zirconia available to our

Sterling Silver Jewelry is Timeless

While fashion trends come and go, silver jewelry remains a classic addition to any wardrobe.  
Simply said, sterling silver jewelry never goes out of style. This is why silver jewelry is such a
tremendous product for personal use or gifts.

It's durable. .925 gemstone silver jewelry stands the test of time.
It's valuable. Surprisingly affordable, sterling silver is still a genuine precious metal.
It's fashionable. Sterling silver jewelry styles range from sophisticated to trendy.
It's flexible. Sterling silver jewelry has an uncanny ability to adapt with fashion.